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Used Cars for sale in Albuquerque, NM

One of the first dilemmas for anyone looking to buy a new car is whether to choose a new or a used one. While getting a brand-new vehicle has advantages, getting a used one from a respected dealership can help you get a better car for less money. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of buying used and how to make sure you're getting a good one.

Benefits of Used Cars Over New

The most well-known benefit of buying a used car is that they're much less expensive than new ones. A new vehicle can lose up to half its original value during the first few years on the road. By buying a used model, you can save a lot of money while still getting a relatively new car. Other perks come with buying a pre-owned vehicle. Some of the most important are:

  • Avoiding steep depreciation: After those first few years of significant depreciation, cars tend to lose less of their value over time. If you eventually decide to sell your car, you won't be losing as much as the original owner did. 
  • Saving money in other ways: New cars come with additional fees besides their initial price, such as shipping fees. Also, since used cars have lower estimated values than their new counterparts, insurance rates and annual registration fees are usually cheaper.
  • Wider selection: When buying new, your search is limited to current models. The second-hand car market is much larger, as you can choose from multiple generations and model years.
  • Better for the environment: Buying a used car isn't just a great deal for you but also for the environment. Manufacturing a vehicle from scratch is a huge environmental burden and used vehicles have already paid that price.

Why Buy a Used Car at a Dealership

There are two main ways of buying a used vehicle: from a private seller or a specialized dealership. While vehicles available on the open market may be slightly cheaper, several advantages come from buying a vehicle from a trusted dealer. Some of them are:

Improved Reliability

When buying a car from a private seller, you rarely know what you're getting. You can examine it and ask for its service history but you have no idea how it was driven and which components may need expensive repairs in the near future. Since there's no incentive for the seller to be transparent, they may not disclose all relevant details from the car's past. Dealerships, however, are only as good as their reputation. 

A dealership like Chalmers Ford can only achieve long-term success if they prove to be a reliable vehicle seller with a reputation for selling vehicles that stand the test of time. The used vehicles in our inventory have been thoroughly checked by our experienced mechanics and come with full histories.

Expanded Financing Options

Private sellers usually expect cash or other similar forms of payment when selling their used vehicles. Dealerships like Chalmers Ford have finance departments with experienced professionals who can help potential customers access additional payment methods. We work with multiple financial institutions and our finance experts can help you find the most appropriate payment method for your financial situation.

You can also use our website to get pre-qualified and to find out how much your current car is worth in case you plan to trade it in. We also have many pre-owned specials that can help you save even more when it comes to financing your new ride.

Enhanced Selection

Searching the internet for private sellers in your area can be ineffective and time-consuming. Dealerships like Chalmers Ford usually have large inventories that you can browse through. This makes it more likely for you to find the right car for you and your family.

What To Look for During a Used Car Test Drive

When searching for your next vehicle, here are some things to look for:

  • Test-drive a vehicle before buying it. This gives you the chance to see how it behaves in real-life settings and determine whether it's a good fit for your driving style or not. These tips can help you learn as much as possible from test-driving a used vehicle:
  • Examine it carefully. A test drive is also a good opportunity to take a good look at the vehicle you're tempted to buy. Take a good look at the interior and exterior to make sure there are no premature signs of wear and tear.
  • Try out all its interior features. Although you're probably eager to get going, take some time to make sure everything inside works. This includes air conditioning, power windows, lights, audio system, smartphone connectivity, infotainment system, and other interior features.
  • Assess cabin noise levels. Once you're on your way, it's time to turn off the radio and give the car a good listen. Pay specific attention to the sounds it makes when accelerating, braking, and cornering, and look out for any unusual noises.
  • Test its acceleration and braking. Find a straight-open road and hit the gas. The car should accelerate, shift gears, and brake smoothly, without struggle. 
  • Make sure its handling is up to par. While still on the straight road. Let go of the wheel for a few seconds to make sure the car is still going straight, as this can indicate a good steering system. Also, take some reasonably hard corners to assess its handling ability.

Unlock the Value of a Used Car at Chalmers Ford

Buying a used car from a respected dealership can be a great way of getting a quality vehicle at an affordable price. Here at Chalmers Ford, all vehicles in our used car inventory have been thoroughly inspected and are in excellent condition. Our knowledgeable sales professionals will answer all your questions about a specific model and guide you through a test drive. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer and to book a test drive.

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